Nuclear Energy Is Not Clean

Opposing the common belief that nuclear energy is clean, this form of energy is causing more damage than the solution it provides. Nuclear plants cause Eutrophication which is damaging to aquatic life. If you think that nuclear energy is the solution for pollution caused by conventional energy production methods, think again. Most of the negative side effects are invisible to the eyes and takes years to manifest but when they do, it’s more of national risk. Think about the future generation. How they can enjoy Amsterdam top sightseeing the way we enjoy it today? How the future generation visit boat rental Amsterdam without worrying about the hazardous risks? Nuclear energy is not the solution, not even close to a band-aid solution. We need to take action before it’s too late.

Wake Up Call – There are Better Alternatives

Stop-Kernenergie started the movement since 1980. People should start learning from the lessons of the past. Fukushima, Japan in 2011 and Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986 are high profile nuclear disasters. The aftermath of these incidents is still being felt today. Nuclear radiation traces are still being found on aquatic animals. People in the affected areas still suffer from the harm it caused years ago. The potential risks of nuclear power are too high for us to take a blind eye. Nuclear power is not the only solution for clean energy consumption. There are more natural ways to create energy such as solar energy, yet we don’t take the courage to widely implement these alternatives. How many lives should we lose just to learn the hard lesson? It’s time to wake up. By now, we should already know what works and whatnot.

Compelling Truths – Stop Building Nuclear Plants

Despite what history tells us about nuclear energy, why do government invest huge money on building nuclear plants? Is it really to pursue clean energy or is there an ulterior motive that they don’t want the public to know? The campaigns for nuclear energy that promise Amsterdam Heineken experience might be blinded or orchestrated to convince the masses. We all know that nuclear plants can be a powerful defence. It could trigger war among powerful countries that have it. But who does suffer in the end? We all suffer. Stop building nuclear plants and don’t fall into thinking that it is good for the environment. It is the exact opposite of being good. It creates more problem than it solves.

Join the Stop-Kernenergie Movement

Our organization compels the public about the undesirable effects of the use of nuclear energy. We unveil the hidden facts that most nuclear plants don’t want the public to know. We strive to be the voice on the matters that pose national risks. Let’s all work together to make sure that a brighter future awaits us for the next generation of humanity.