Beautiful World: Our Earth, Our Responsibility

Beautiful World: Our Earth, Our Responsibility

Let’s pause for a moment and use our imagination. Let’s think about what kind of world we will be living in if we all make ourselves accountable? Imagine how things would be like if we learn to set aside our selfishness? It might be wishful thinking, but a spark of hope can light up the darkest corners of the world.

No Need to Travel Far to Smell Fresh Air

The hustle and bustle of the city can get anyone stressed, down, and depressed. But the truth is, the city is exhausting because the air is contaminated and fetid. We all need to breathe. We breath 24/7. Imagine inhaling toxic air the whole day. It can get into our head. It could make us feel that we are living in the Amsterdam zoo. If we could have been responsible for our actions, we would be smelling fresh air no matter where we are. We don’t need to drive just to have a breath of fresh air.

Focusing On Unselfish Solutions

If people learn to set aside their selfishness, there will be countless solutions coming our way. There is no hidden agenda or ulterior motives, just the intention to help and contribute to a sustainable future. There will be no manipulation needed because we all work towards a common goal. How beautiful can it be? People enjoying simple pleasures in dinner cruise Amsterdam with love and care for one another. Solutions like the wide implementation of renewable energy could be as easy as a piece of cake.

We Could Be Enjoying The Company of The Extinct

We have lost many species of animals over the years. If we could have taken action early, we would be enjoying their company today. If we focused on implementing solutions rather than focusing on how to save money on electronics, our world will be a lot better today. We could have prevented the extinctions and slow death of mother nature.

Life Would be More Simple

In a world driven by fame, success, and money, life is so complicated. If we just learn to enjoy the simple blessings we normally take for granted, our lives would be so simple. Instead of showcasing flashy cars, people would berenting a bik in Amsterdam and enjoy the company of clean surrounding and pleasures of divine relationships.