Is there a law that legalizes the establishment of Nuclear Plants?

Nuclear law in international and national level allows nuclear plants to operate observing the peaceful use of nuclear energy. However, we cannot deny the negative side effects it brings to the environment. The potential threats it may bring when these plants go into the wrong hands are fatal.

Is nuclear energy safe?

Records have shown that nuclear fusion may harm the environment and the people. No matter how hard they fortify the plants, they are not safe from the act of God. Earthquakes and other natural disasters will make plants vulnerable to explosion and massive hazards to the surrounding.

How can you make a difference?

The Stop-Kernenergie Movement fights using peaceful methods. We compel people to unite and start thinking about what to do in Amsterdam. Our movement aims to eradicate the selfish motives of the few powerful individuals that may harm humanity and their environment.

What are the effects of nuclear radiation on the human body?

Exposure to nuclear radiation is fatal to a human body. It goes to the molecular level of our cells. It abrupts the natural processes of our body resulting in abnormalities, deformation, and cancer.

How can we stop the higher government from building nuclear plants?

Resistance is the key. People should unite against it. If you believe that building a nuclear plant in the area you live is dangerous, you may appeal to the local government. Gather signatures from people opposing the establishment of the plant.

Is symbiotic way of living with the environment possible?

When we all work together, we can achieve any breakthroughs we need. Symbiotic way of living is possible. Our researchers are looking for ways on how we can coexist with nature without doing any damage. We provide great resources about them to our website visitors.