Scary Possible Disasters of Nuclear Energy

Scary Possible Disasters of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy may sound like an ultimate solution for clean energy. It doesn’t emit smoke and fumes unlike fuel; however, when something goes wrong, it poses fatal disasters human can ever encounter.

Radioactive Waste is Dangerous Even After Thousands of Years

Nuclear energy comes from fusing different radioactive elements such as uranium. Improper disposal of radioactive waste is crucial for the environment. A simple leak could mean loss of life. There is no better way of disposing of radioactive waste than fully disposing them from Earth. It means that our radioactive waste should be disposed into the outer space. We all know that going to the outer space just to dispose of radioactive wastes is not cheap as Amsterdam hotels cheap. It will cost us money which makes the disposal difficult or even impossible.

Defects and Abnormalities on Humans

Do you remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki incidents? Babies are still being born with defects and abnormalities because of those incidents. The aftermath of nuclear radiation can be inherited from one generation to another. Unfortunately, there is no cure. Nooffers & coupons can ever bring back the lives we have lost and lives that are suffering because of a nuclear use.

Mining Uranium is Bad For the Environment

Uranium is a scarce element. It has to be extracted using methods that are harmful to the environment. Another fact about Uranium. it is only limited. It doesn’t reproduce nor can be reproduced. Come to think of it, when all the uranium have been extracted, all the nuclear plants would be for nothing. All will be left with nuclear plants that do not have a purpose. We cannot rely on nuclear energy because it is not renewable.

Continuous Use of Nuclear Energy if Fatal to The Marine Life

Radioactive waste cause dense growth of aquatic life called Eutrophication. It happens after radioactive waste disposal. The land absorbs the materials that run off to the bodies of water that causes saturation of nutrients. When this happens, the oxygen production in the bodies of water is suppressed causing death in the marine life.