Why Renewable Energy is Not Widely Supported

Why Renewable Energy is Not Widely Supported

With all the global warming campaigns coming out with proof that global warming exists, the growth of renewable energy consumption remains slow. Why is that? Instead, we opt to support fuel companies and keep things the same for energy consumption. We are not blinded to the fact that the process of fuel production creates major damage to our environment. But why do we still not implore better energy sources?

Power Controls Everything

Here’s the sad fact about why can’t we quit using fossil fuels. The fuel industry is a major economic factor. It controls almost everything from the market prices, special discounts, and currency. Losing that control means losing power. It is sad to think that public opinion doesn’t matter. Private companies can use their influence and money to control even political power and use it to their advantage. Power is demonstrated in van Gogh museum Amsterdamas a vortex. It attracts everything around it. Fighting it means to resist it. Do we have enough motivation to resist?

Resorting to Renewable Energy Can Be Expensive

Solar panels cost a lot. But if we become aggressive in pursuing renewable energy, the materials needed to build renewable energy plants would be amazingly cheaper. Since the energy is renewable, the investment use to build plants will bring greater value as we don’t need to mine for fossils. It’s like those wind turbines you see during Amsterdam canal tour. These turbines produce a significant amount of energy daily to support the energy consumption of the city.

Fuel Companies Provide Jobs

Another factor that makes it hard for renewable energy to win, fuel companies provide jobs around the world. Crashing this industry means unemployment that will result in an economic crisis. What will happen to those employees who are working in the fuel industry? How oil companies can compensate their employees’ benefits and pension? And another burning question is, will renewable energy sustain employment as fuel companies do? Changing how we consume energy may indeed disrupt our economic stability for a while. But with all the damage fuel companies do to the environment, resorting to renewable energy must be done.